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(somewhat rough draft)

Targeting the Playbook

So you want to put your stuff on a Playbook? I'd say it's about average as far as difficulty of setting it up and getting it going. Here is how.

Ok, you're now ready to get RTSimpleApp running on your device. (It will also run in their simulator.. but no real reason as you can debug and work from MSVC with GLES or GL builds, while using Proton)

Actually, you should use RTBareBones probably, but I already took screenshots so.. yeah. Just keep in mind RTSimpleApp needs RTSimpleApp/media/build_media.bat run first.

I've included the “QNX Momentics IDE” eclipse (I'm just going to refer to it as Eclipse) project for RTBareBones and RTSimpleApp.

Theoretically you can also use makefiles, but I haven't set it up yet. It's like, hard and stuff. Someone want to help me?

To import RTBareBones:

  • Right click RTSimpleApp in the Navigator pane in Eclipse and choose Import
  • Choose Existing Projects into Workspace and enter <your proton dir>\RTSimpleApp\bbx as the root directory and choose Finish

Now, before we get crazy and start building it, set the config to Device-Release by right clicking the navigator pane and selecting Build Configurations→Set Active→Device-Release (or SimulatorDebug etc if you'd rather run it through their virtual sim stuff)

Ok, let's build!

  • Right click RTSimpleApp in the Navigator pane and choose Build Project. Click the “Console” tab to see the build log in action.

Get a drink .. ok, it should have scared you with a lot of warnings but finished the build.

Now, let's get it on the device.

  • Right click RTSimpleApp in the Navigator pane and choose Run As→1 BlackBerry Tablet OS C/C++ Application

(Note: Your device must have “Use Development Mode” enabled in Security from the configuration/options panel and have a debug token setup.. presumably you know this because you did the tutorials as suggested above, RIGHT?!)

That's pretty much it.

Tips and notes

  • If you change files outside of the project, you need to “Refresh files” all the time in eclipse, it's pretty dumb
  • There are .bat files in the /bbx dir to help with code signing and stuff, but it can also all be done from within the IDE
  • I'd like to convert to a 100% make solution and ditch Eclipse at some point
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