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Compiling the examples for native OS X with Xcode

This is really easy, honest. Navigate to RTBareBones/OSX. Double click RTBareBones.xcodeproj, it will open in Xcode.

Click compile and run, that's it.

Sept 18th 2023 Note

I've updated the samples, but if you see “32-bit macOS targets are no longer supported” when opening your own Proton OSX projects, here's how to fix it:

* Do Product→Clean Build Folder

* Click where it says “Any Mac (i386 Deprecated))” at the top of the screen. Choose “Update and build” when it asks “<appname” uses custom architectures. Would you like to update to build with standard architectures?“

* If you click on the little yellow triangle warning at the top of the screen, it will show warnings on the left. Click on “Update to recommended settings” and click “Perform changes”. It seems really slow to me and barely works.. but I guess do it, or try to

* In the project icon on the project navigator, remove all the source under shared/Boost/Signals, it's header only now

* Click the project icon (in the the project navigator on the left) so it shows the targets, click the target, and change the minimum deployment to something higher. (10.13 was the lowest I could check)

* Change project format to something newer if it's very old,

* If you get an error saying ”/MainMenu.xib:global: Compiling for earlier than macOS 10.6 is no longer supported. [12]“: Click Resources/MainMenu.xib, choose “Open and upgrade”.

* In build settings (both at the project and target level) sort by “Customized” and remove everything under “User-Defined”, I assume none of it matters anymore and can just break things

A note about Audio

I think the only audio system supported on Mac is FMOD? I think some others might work but I don't think I ever tested them. For FMOD though, RTSimpleApp won't work out of the box and will give you errors, here's how to fix:

* Download FMOD for Mac ( fmodstudioapi20217mac-installer.dmg ) and put the files in /Users/<your user>/thirdpartylibs

* Because spaces cause problems, rename the folder FMOD Pogrammers API to “fmod”.

* In Build Settings, change /Users/seth/thirdpartylibs/fmod/api/core/inc to your name. Sorry, it won't accept ~/ so I hardcoded my name.

* Change your library search path from /Users/seth/thirdpartylibs/fmod/api/core/inc to your name.

* Also, you probably need to remove the fmod.dyblib file and re-add it from your own local directory, because I had to hardcode my path because stuff like ~/ didn't work for me, and because I use Proton off a network drive I can't put it in the proton tree in my case because it gets weird linking errors if I don't have it local when linking.

* In Build Settings under Runpath Search paths, you need: ”@executable_path/../Frameworks“ added (quotes not needed). Otherwise, it won't be able to find the libfmod.dylib file when you run the app.

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