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Installing the FMOD library and setting it up in the Windows MSVC RTSimpleApp project

For legal reasons I can't include FMOD with the sdk, but it's very easy to download and copy into the right place.

First download the Windows 32 bit version of FMOD and install somewhere. (it's ok if you have a 64 bit version of windows)

Locate the directory it installed with file explorer and cut and paste the entire “api” directory into <main proton dir>/shared/win/fmod

Oh, and also copy fmodex.dll from the api directory into <main proton dir>/RTSimpleApp/bin or else you'll get a dll not found error.

Now open the RTSimpleApp MSVC project and do the following:

Locate shared/Audio/AudioManagerFMOD.h and Shared/Audio/AudioManagerFMOD.cpp in the solution source tree. Highlight them, right click and set “Excluded from build” to no.

Edit near the top of App.cpp.


#include "Audio/AudioManagerAudiere.h"
AudioManagerAudiere g_audioManager; //Use Audiere for audio
//#include "Audio/AudioManagerFMOD.h"
//AudioManagerFMOD g_audioManager; //if we wanted FMOD sound in windows


//#include "Audio/AudioManagerAudiere.h"
//AudioManagerAudiere g_audioManager;  //Use Audiere for audio
#include "Audio/AudioManagerFMOD.h"
AudioManagerFMOD g_audioManager; //if we wanted FMOD sound in windows

That's it. FMOD will now be used for audio.

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