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A different kind of game

Reckless Thief is tailor made for the PocketPC and takes advantage of the unique stylus control method.

The goal is simple: Drag thief around a maze while avoiding walls, traps and obstacles and grab the diamond before you run out of time.

Also 20+ user created levels available!

Download the three level demo or "instant purchase" Reckless Thief for $9.95.

Download the demo or buy it!

- Works with most Pocket PC PDA's including Jornada, Ipaq and Casiopeia models.


  • Realtime scaling and graphical effects (via GAPI)
  • Nine challenging levels
  • Support for unlimited user made levels - if you can use a paint program you can make your own!
  • Can directly manipulate zipped files - (user levels are .zipped with all graphics and sounds and renamed .thf. This way only one file needs to be downloaded/copied!)
  • Saves best times
  • Offers comments and tips throughout the game
  • Each level you pass unlocks another one forever
  • Can handle .jpg, png, gif and tga file formats
  • Full level scripting system allows unlimited obstacles, animations and random comments. (for both winning and losing)
  • Many unique obstacles to get in your way - stretchers, spinners, moving lifts and more.
  • Full digital sound track
  • Difficulty mode select (NEW in 1.01)
  • Includes two extra user levels to get you started

Latest news:

Version 1.01 has been released.

To registered users, to get your free upgrade, click the download link in your confirmation email from Handango to re-download the product. If you cannot find this email, email Handango for a replacement.

New features in V1.01:

  • Added support for an ANIMATED thief, lots of wacky things are possible now including rotation, scaling of your thief icon, all with pixel accurate collision detection! Akiko did a new level showing off the new features, really cool
  • Added Bridge/tunnel support, the thief can go under things
  • The base levels were adjusted a bit, balanced better
  • Added options screen with an EASY MODE setting to which gives you a smaller thief icon making the game easier! Works with most user levels too. (best times not saved on easy mode)
  • After unlocking a level the next level is automatically highlighted now
  • Upon dying you can see EXACTLY where you hit the wall/obstacle now
  • Added script command "set_special|deadly" to make a sprite kill the thief on contact, it was annoying having to make sure the "kill color" was in the graphic before
  • Collision detections to touch power-ups and the finish were upgraded, now pixel accurate.
  • Added script command "max_time_possible", authors can choose to let time-powerups let players go over the starting time if they wish.
  • The big count number now has a black border, easier to read on some custom level backgrounds
  • Time meter border looks better
  • Some cooler menu music
  • Included two small user levels (Smash and a new one especially for this upgrade called The Rotator)

    Bug fixes:

  • Small memory leak in the font rendering code fixed
  • It is no longer possible to cheat by moving really fast - it was especially noticable on the Jornada
  • Fixed bug where winning a user level could actually advance you on main game levels in some cases
  • The game timer is started AFTER the level is loaded rather than before, was cheating slow loaders a second or so.


  • Credits:
    Concept, design and all artwork (game and website) - Akiko Robinson
    Programming, installer and technical support - Seth Robinson
    ©2006 Robinson Technologies