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The Sun by Mike Coffing email

This diamond is hot! Slip on your "Sun proof" suit and try to grav this jewel!

Very nifty level, not too hard. Love the sound effects.

No Touchy by Mike Coffing email

This is a particularly nasty level from the level lord himself, Mike Coffing

The farther you go, the faster the boxlines go.. I couldn't finish this one!

Switch Blade by Mike Coffing email

Ok, I might have to rename this page to the Mike Coffing level shrine, this puts him at number 9!!!??? This one is pretty difficult, I haven't finished it yet but that's because the dog was in my lap. Gonna try again tonight.

Pocket PC by Mike Coffing email

Mike let me know this level was created for and used at a Microsoft convention - they let Palm owners compete and the best times won a Pocket PC of their choice! You won't win a free PPC by playing, but hey, it's fun. :)

Outlands by Mike Coffing email

This is my new favorite level - uses a brand new effect not seen on a PPC level before! Pulsing shock waves must be dodged as you fight your way to the middle.

Purple Vortex by Mike Coffing email

Mike's latest masterpiece, the Purple Vortex. Moving bridges and disappearing walls make this a nice challenge, beautiful design!!

Number 6 for Mike.

Ja Vikki Vikki by Mike Coffing email

Mike, all these new levels play great!! The only one who has created more levels in Akiko!!! Navigate many moving bridges to get to the end.

Don't lose your rythm.

Killer Bean 2 by Mike Coffing email
The bean is back and he's ready for action! Lot of nice new graphics, you control a bullet.. it's destiny? You'll have to play to find out... nice new sounds too.

Blue Man 2 by Mike Coffing email
Blue part deux! This level is the very first level to use full screen animation basically - the entire level moves!!! Nice job Mike. Cool blue music!

Blue Man Group

by Mike Coffing email

The Blue Man Group hits your pocket PC! I tried to see these guys in Vegas but they canceled the show.. it was right after 911. Instead we saw Lance Burton and he was good too. Great fun and not too hard level.

Twilightz by Mike Coffing email

The eye... it's watching you! Dodge your way through the veins in this all seeing adversary. Watch out for the rotating middle!

Neon City by Jon Haley email

This is a really fun level that uses animation to great effect.. don't forget, timing is everything.

Congrats to Jon for making a level that's only 19K!!! :)

Symmetry by Jon Haley email

You're not seeing double!

Do everything twice! Great level that isn't nearly impossible to finish like some of the others - nice use of traps in the middle.


The Rotator by Akiko
A whole new experience - you control a rotating line while navigating a very curvy course - the secret is to wait for your line's rotation to match the level.

Celtic Knot by Lace email
Wisdom is the key. Celtic knotwork maze level - incredibly beautiful new graphics and some great new sound a music. If you want to tie some real celtic knots, visit here.

Gabberwocky by Eric Marcoullier email

Guide Manfred through the streets of Berlin to see Kraftwerk, while picking up scalped concert tickets.

Nice design, expecially the way the maze background is colored. Includes new graphics and comments. HARD!

Supertastic by Eric Marcoullier email
This one's a nasty little piece of work called
"Supertastic" - a beautifully crafted level with some cool new animated threats never before seen. There are two paths to get through the first half, both winnable, both tough.

Mr. Roboto by Veganite email
Help the technician get to the faulty microprocessor chip. Beware of moving parts. Very interesting and challenging level - great job Veganite! Great death sound.

Smash by Akiko
This high tech bank has decided to install NINE super powered smashers. Enough to stop any thief? Perhaps, perhaps not. Especially since they have security hole that allows two ways to get to the diamond.. can you find both?

Heart Of Dink by Akiko
Our old pal Dink returns - this time it's a race to steal hearts and finally a chest with a great treasure inside. Or is it? Multiple endings. Special appearance by an animated pillbug and spikey thing from the real Dink Smallwood.(a PC game) Texts by Seth.

Fish & Ducks by Akiko

Can you help a lowly fish escape from a group of tyrannical ducks to the ocean escape and freedom? Be the star in the feel good story of the year. Or it could be a real downer depending on the outcome. Akiko really did some beautiful graphics for this one. Texts by Seth.

Love Maze by Akiko
"This is good for shy boy or girl who can't ask to go out to someone they like. Just download this level and let the person play. Either they could pass or couldn't pass the level, the ending screen tells them to go out with you somehow! Kind of a joke." (Note from Seth - I have no idea what she's talking about either)

Help with installing user levels

You need to place the .thf file into the \Program Files\Games\Thief\userlevels directory on your PPC, that's it! The next time you play, click User Levels and you will be able to cycle through all of the ones you have installed.

More specific directions:

Download the file and save it to a temp directory by clicking the "download now" part by the user level you want. Next choose "Save to disk" and put it in a folder you can find later.

Important Note: While saving, change Save As filetype to "All Files" - if you leave it as "Winzip File" you will have to manually remove the .zip extension it will add!

Now double click Active Sync (or bring up its window by clicking the Active Sync tray icon) and make sure it's green (connected) and then click "Explore". Find your way to the correct folder by double clicking "Pocket PC" then "Program Files" then "Games" then "Thief" then "userlevels". Now simply drag the user file from where ever you saved it (you'll need to open another explorer window and move to that directory on your desktop computers HD) into the userlevels directory on the PocketPC. Wah-la! Now just play the game and try not to damage your PPC in frustration.


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