Why become a Toolfish Affiliate?

Do you have a website that people visit a lot, looking for updates?

Do your patrons a favor and make some cash at the same time!

The secret of advertising is targeting the ad to the customer. 99.9% of the ads you see are NOT targeted and are just wasting bandwidth!

What makes Toolfish unique is it is targeted at exactly the kind of person who will see your page - web surfers who would like to know when your page is updated and would find Toolfish a useful and valuable tool.

Be a Toolfish Affiliate in five minutes

Becoming a Toolfish Affiliate is easy, fast and totally free. Just sign up as an affiliate with RegNow.com if you haven't already.

After logging on to your Affiliate account at RegNow.com, choose Product Finder->Name Search then enter Toolfish and click join. That's it!

After that just send people to us through a link or banner (using the special URL RegNow will give you) and if the the customer purchases Toolfish any time in the next three months RegNow will give you whopping 35% of the profit!

While a simple "Use Toolfish to get notified when this page is updated." message at the bottom of your page is sufficient, feel free to use the following banners/art as well.



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