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Compiling Proton and its examples on the Raspberry Pi with GL ES

As a base, I started with RetroPi on a Raspberry 3. I should try it with a vanilla Raspbian Stretch install and see if that works too.

First install Proton and compile its RTPack utility:

I ssh'ed in and did:

cd ~
git clone

Now let's build Proton's RTPack utility, will come in handle later.

cd ~/proton/RTPack/linux

Now let's compile and run RTBareBones:

cd ~/proton/RTBareBones/linux
cd ../bin

If that worked, enjoy the spinning triangle and text stretching!

Now let's do RTSimpleApp, same thing but it needs SDL2_mixer for its audio, so let's get that installed:

sudo apt-get libsdl2-mixer-dev

Great. Now we compile and run like before, but we're adding a step - compiling media with the RTPack utility.

cd ~/RTSimpleApp/linux
cd ../media
cd ../bin

If that worked, enjoy the app. If it didn't… off to the forums and yell at Seth!

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