June 28th 2021: First update in five years

V2.10 has been released today with the following changes:

  • Fixed instant crash on startup that happened when it tried to figure out its real IP address, HTTP 0.9 requests are no longer accepted these days I guess
  • Installer now installs to %LocalAppData%\toolfish, it no longer requires admin privileges
  • Added "$CLIPBOARD_URL$" dynamic token, it formats whatever is in your clipboard without the http:// or https:// part. This let me open a URL
    with VLC and have it work, as the http:// part as a parm (to load a movie url) would screw it up before

    Note: If you're upgrading and don't want to lose events you've made, you'll need to copy the old ones from Program Files (x86)\Toolfish\events to %LocalAppData%\toolfish\events


Oct 5th 2015: Toolfish is now free!

Thanks to everybody who bought it over the last ten years - to celebrate the free release, I've created a new version with a signed exe/installer, a new action (Set Microphone Volume) and some bug fixes! -Seth  Thanks to everybody who bought it over the last ten years - to celebrate the free release, I've created a new version with a signed exe/installer, a new action (Set Microphone Volume) and some bug fixes! -Seth

Toolfish Utility Suite is a 19-in-one super talking tray application that promises to save you time and make your life easier by performing many useful tasks for you!

Need help? Try our forums.

"Toolfish is one of the most engaging little programs we've seen in many moons" - Bob Schawaback, On Computers (column here)

"I really cannot fathom life without Toolfish now." - W. Lassen, Toolfish user

Web Compare - Automatically checks web pages at timed intervals for changes using advanced fuzzy logic and notifies you based on 'percent changed', keywords or date.

Talking New Email Announcer - Supports unlimited POP3 accounts, local and remote filtering and new email quick view button.

Site Monitor - Get notified when a site, email server or port is unavailable and keep statistics (notification by email, audio, running a program and pop-ups supported)

Talking Reminders
- Use the One-Time or Recurring Reminder Wizard to quickly add a talking reminder, never forget an important event again!

Control Other Applications - Send keys, close, kill-task and send custom WM messages to any application based on .exe name or title bar text.

Paste IP address global macro - Server based IP detection ALWAYS gets your correct IP!

Set microphone/inputvolume - Have a game or app that keeps changing your mic input? This action can be used to change all or specific input volumes to what you want.

Fun Statistics - Ever wondered how many miles you've moved your mouse?

Atomic Clock Adjustment - Adjusts your clock to match the world's most accurate time piece, the atomic clock.

Toolfish also supports system wide keystroke and application logging, muting on inactivity with volume fade, Stealth Mode and robust custom event creation by stacking triggers and actions and much more.

Professional multi threaded version designed for Vista and newer. More info here.

Download the full version here

Old Versions for XP:

Windows XP is support is no longer included. If you need this, you will have to use V2.08 which you can download here.

What can Toolfish do? Why do you need it?

  • Get notified when your favorite web comic has updated
  • Get notified when web journals, diaries and friends personal pages are updated
  • Get notified first when your favorite game or beta news is updated
  • Have your phone or pager emailed to stay informed on the go
  • Get notified when your name or product is talked about by checking search engine results
  • Use phrase checking to detect when somebody swears in your guest book
  • Monitor a web forum for general activity or when a certain person posts.
  • Get notified when you get new email mail - by voice! Supports unlimited POP3 mailboxes.
  • Have your computer "tell" you to take a break every hour if computer
    activity has been detected
  • Secretly log all passwords/emails entered on your computer
  • Mute your computer based on inactivity
  • Run batch files or programs at scheduled times
  • Attach hot keys to any web site, document or program
  • Attach macros to hot keys so you can paste info quickly anywhere, (great for tech support people) (supports unicode macros!)
  • Perform scheduled backups by passing the current date or time as a parameter to a batch file
  • Perform actions if a certain program is or isn't running


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