Toolfish was developed by Robinson Technologies; a small independently owned and operated company based in Japan.

Concept & Programming: Seth A. Robinson
Artwork, website and documentation design: Akiko Robinson

For support and email drop us a line, we're interested in hearing what you think.

Robinson Technologies website:
Toolfish website:

Derived in part from the RSA Data Security, In. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm

Special thanks to Davide Calabro (CButtonST) and PJ Naughter (SMTP code)

If you find a bug in Toolfish please blame (and punish) the following beta testers:

Geoff Howland
Nicholas Cooper (Smoogle)
Jai Shaw
Tom Bach
Mike Hommel
Andy Campbell
Jeff King
Dan Walma
Mark Fassett
Steve Gargolinski
Will M
Tony M. Brown
Justin Martin
Bruce Mayrose
Buckinx Daan
Keith Weatherby
Michael Goldtrap
Lone Stranger

Seriously, a big thanks, guys.



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