I leave my computer on all night. Sometimes I leave the monitors on and sometimes I leave the sound on. The monitors turn off thanks to power saving features but the sound does not and the result is I'm often hearing odd sound effects and notifications deep into the night yet I'm too lazy to get up and turn the sound off.

The solution? Let Smart Mute automatically detect when you've stopped using your computer and mute the volume for you.

Enable Smart Mute - this must be checked if you want to use Smart Mute.

Idle time before changing volume - What is idle time? This means how long your computer has gone without being used. Use is measured by mouse movement or hitting a key. It's possible Smart Mute will get confused while playing a joystick/gamepad only game and mute at the worst possible time so keep this mind.

About mouse movement: Toolfish uses an advanced mouse movement detection algorithm that will allow very small mouse movements to be ignored. This way a train going by that causes the mouse to move one pixel by itself and such won't trick Smart Mute into thinking you're still there.

Idle Volume: It's possible instead of muting you just want to turn down the volume, set it here.

After the volume is changed by smart mute, any mouse or keyboard activity will cause the volume to instantly go back to whatever it was when the mute occurred.

It's also possible to turn down your volume and Smart Mute actually turn UP the volume after a period of inactivity. Maybe to sound the alarm when you stop working or something? :)

Note: If you want to see how Smart Mute works, just set the inactivity time to 3 seconds and turn some music on.

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