At the bottom of the main Toolfish dialog you'll find two special buttons.

Show Email Only - This let's you instantly see all the messages still sitting on your mail servers as of the last Toolfish check.

Fun Stuff - This is where we put miscellaneous fun items that don't fit into other sections.

Leet-Type - Type like a hacker without the effort! With this feature activated everything you type will be changed to hacker-speak in real-time.

An example output looks like this: H3y d00d5 wh4t's th3 h4p5? Y0u d0n't f!nd th!s ann0y!ng 4t 41l d0 y0u?

It's basically fun to play around in chat rooms and the like, but be careful as 99.9% of people just find it annoying.

It's also implemented as an Action which is a toggle, you can attach it to a hotkey for easy on/off inside of another program.

Note for Win 2000/XP: If your default OS language (in Regional Settings) is set to Japanese or another asian language Leet-Type will have no effect.

Fun Statistics

Ever wondered how many miles you've moved your mouse? How many keys and mouse buttons you've hit? This provides that info in edit boxes so you can easily copy it.

Clicking the reset button will reset your "totals" information.

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