Dynamic Token List

Dynamic Tokens are little strings that are automatically translated on the fly. Most places in Toolfish support this such as file parameters and messages, meaning these can be used in spoken text, log output, macros, pop up windows and auto email sending.

Most probably won't have a use for them, if you do tech support sometimes it's nice to have actual real dates/times in your form macro answers.

Here is the list:

$IP_ADDRESS$ - This is your current IP address. If you have multiple network cards/IP's it makes a pretty smart guess at your real IP. Example:
$DATE$ - Prints the current date in this format: Monday, October 14 2002
$SHORT_DATE$ - Short version of the date, suitable for filenames: 10-14
$TIME$ - The current system time with AM/PM, looks like this: 8:45 PM
$LAST_COMPARE_URL$ - The last URL compared. If a URL was compared earlier in the same event this token appears in it actually overrides the actual last URL compared, this way you can run 200 web compares at the same time and get the expected results despite multiple threads running at the same time.
$LAST_NEW_EMAIL_COUNT$ - This is the value of how many new emails were found the last time new emails actually were found. This is so you can create your own custom "You got 5 emails" message for an email check if you wish.
$CLIPBOARD$ - This the text currently in the clipboard. Using this you could for instance, set up an action that opens a website with whatever is in the clipboard as a parm. (You would have to hit Control-C to copy something into the clipboard first, or it would be blank or possibly some older undesirable text you had last copied)

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