A brain for use with the BrainManager that causes its Entity’s base color values to change over time.

It’s important to realize that you can’t really colorize something with this, only remove color.

255,255,255,255 means “all colors shown normally, with no translucency” whereas “255,0,0,255” means “show only the red in the image, at full translucency”.

Parameters it understands

fade_speed_msHow many milliseconds it should take to finish fading to the target colors.
remove_brain_when_doneif true, this brain will be removed from the brain stack when the fade is complete.
rThe target red color, 0 to 255.
gThe target green color, 0 to 255.
bThe target blue color, 0 to 255.
aThe target alpha color, 0 to 255.


//let's set this entity to invisible, and then have it fade in over one second.
this:SetBaseColor(Color(255,255,255,0)); //start as invisible, 0 alpha
All Entity objects can use their BrainManager to add brains to control behavior and functions.
The Entity object.