Novashell Game Creation System Scripting API Reference

Wow, that’s a long title.

Lua and you

Novashell uses Lua 5.13 under the hood.  You can use google to find good tutorials on how it works.

Novashell specific Lua additions/changes

  • // C++ style comments are supported
  • != (inequality) operator is supported
  • dofile, load, and other things deemed “dangerous” are missing. dofile was replaced with RunScript.
  • Many new object types, as detailed in these docs

How this API is organized

System ObjectsThese are global single-instance objects that always exist that you can access at any time.
Game ObjectsA game can have an unlimited number of these types of things.  (maps, entities, etc)
Simple ObjectsSmaller data structures that can be used anywhere.
Effect ObjectsObjects related to the EffectManager.  Particle systems and such.
Global FunctionsThese are functions not associated with any object.  Can be used from anywhere.
BrainsBehaviors that can be layered together with an Entity’s BrainManager.
StatesStates that can be set through an Entity’s BrainManager.

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Seth A.  Robinson (se.nosp@m.th@rtsof.nosp@m.t.com)

Novashell Home http://www.rtsoft.com/novashell

Novashell Getting Started Tutorials http://www.rtsoft.com/novashell/docs

Allows interesting visual effects to be created and attached to entities.
The Entity object.
All Entity objects can use their BrainManager to add brains to control behavior and functions.