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-- rtsoft related --

CodeDojo - Seth's website he throws programming related info on when he get's the urge. Has the Dink source code and Dungeon Scroll post-mortem/how to article.

Novashell - Seth's game maker thingie he's been puttering around with in the basement.

The Dink Network - This is THE place for all your Dink needs!

-- fellow indies, most I've met! -- - You want games that are actually fun? Go here. The only game that MIGHT have more levels than Hamumu's SWC is Dink.

Chronic Logic - These guys make games like Gish and Pontifex 2, incredibly original games.

Laughing Dragon Games - Liked Gauntlet? Then check out their game Derelict!

Digital Eel - Responsible for Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and other tasty treats.

Puppy Games - Go play UltraTron.

Octopus Motor - They've got a doozy of a game - but will it be completed this century?

Squashy Software
- Anthony takes a 'hands on' approach to to making game art that you're sure to like. Now if only he'll ever finish Cletus.

Prowler Productions - Mike Snyder does it all! DOS, Win32, Shareware, Freeware, Java, CGI, offline, online, DMOD's, IGM's. Time to update your site, Mike!

-- indie news sites--

Game Tunnel - Get reviews and screenshots of the latest independent games, good site. Updated daily.

-- awesome artwork --

Justin Martin Designs - Justin did ALL the artwork in Dink, the only artist I know who is both talented and fast. (site down?)

-- friends and misc cool stuff deserving of your time -- - Unrestrained Game Development - Home of the 48 hour game development competition.

New Papland - He made a duck say "bite me"

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