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PC Games

Dungeon Scroll Gold Edition - (buy for $14.95 or get the demo)

Dungeon Scroll fuses the challenge of a word game with the excitement of treasure seeking in the murky depths. Blast rats, skeletons and even a dragon or two. More...

Teenage Lawnmower - (buy for $24.95 or get the demo)

Make money mowing lawns while helping your troubled family solve its problems in this 3D simulation/interactive story. More...

Funeral Quest - (Browser Based using Flash, free for players)

Is your webpage boring? Run your very own multiplayer FQ game! If you just want to play, click here. More..

Toolfish Utility Suite (buy for $24.95 or get 14 day trial)

Get told when webpages have changed or when you have received new email using text to speech technology. More...

Pocket PC (XSCALE/ARM/MIPS/SH3 supported)

Reckless Thief for Pocket PC - (4.4 MB) (buy for $9.95)

A unique and addictive game tailor made for the PPC's stylus control method. Tons of user levels available. More...

Our free games, some are weird and/or wrong

Tarzan: Guardian Of Earth (freeware) - (5 MB)

Every dreamed of running naked through a forest during a thunderstorm and saving the day by putting out fires with urine?

Dink Smallwood (freeware) - (14 MB)

Set sail for adventure in this zany Isometric RPG. After finishing Dink stay busy with the hundreds of user made quests available. More...

Bathroom Teacher (freeware) - (1.1 MB)

Teach noughty sheep how to use a public restroom correctly. With violence. (how else?) More...

InnerBody (freeware) - (24 MB)

This game puts you inside your wife's body in a desperate attempt to cure her. More...

Old Stuff We Sold to

Legend Of The Red Dragon (LORD)

Award winning multiplayer interactive BBS door Seth wrote back in the day. The FAQ is here.

Planets: The Exploration Of Space

A space themed multiplayer trading war game. The FAQ is here.

Legend Of The Red Dragon 2

The slightly more graphical sequel to LORD. The FAQ is here. Screenshots here.

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